Wednesday, February 01, 2006

When Will God Actually Bless America?

AKA, the good, old' USA. Bush and his flag waving republican lap-dogs keep saying "god bless America". The rhetoric and propaganda spewing State of the Union being the latest example. September 11 was certainly a nice gift. Hurricane Katrina is referred to as an act of god. Are they actually blessings in disguise? LOL.

So the Dick & George presidency is actually a blessing in disguise. We're actually benefiting from their combined corruption & cluelessness. Thank god for their dedication to energy and gas prices. Core values are important. Especially oil.

Will god impeach Bush/Cheney? How about the Supreme Court? Will god bless it with people of actual courage and knowledge instead of moral sycophants like Alito? Just curious.

Enjoy your blessings & core beliefs.

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