Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hurray for Abu Ghraib

It's not quite the same as Dick Cheney shooting a long rifle, but quality photos of N.A_K.E'D, hairy men together are very hard to get. Much less, the hairy buttocks of real men in real life as opposed to actors or models.

That's why I'm so happy. An Australian paper called the Sydney Morning Herald did a great job of providing not just those tiny little thumbnails plastered all over the Web, but large, detailed photos. I saved them all. This is a personal favorite. It includes a midget.

Because they get shrunk so much, you miss out on a lot of detail. For example, in my favorite, I focused on a part of the photo that you wouldn't otherwise notice below:

According to Microsoft Word, the soldier that had his way with the man's cheeks did not spell rapist correctly. It's still a pretty photo of underwear pulled down.

President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and war hero Donald Rumsfeld all deserve medals of honor for making this possible. They have shown holy courage in sharing our traditional values with non-Americans everywhere.
If only Fox News would dedicate itself to the truth, we could have close-up video of all this.

Here's another example where apparently they helped liberate a virgin rectum:

Salon also has some exclusive photos (and without any blacked out areas!).

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