Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Dream of Cheney

Last night, I dreamt of Dick. Poor dick had to spend time in the intensive care unit after shooting a 78-year old quail hunter in Texas. Accidentally, of course. More importantly, Dick was not shot, though he may be hurt. Apparently, he needed some time to get in touch with his feelings. Poor Vice President Cheney. I'm here for you if your bottom needs rubbing and warming. My heart enlarged 3 sizes for you, just like that Gollum guy in Dr. Seuss. Even a useless site like ESPN reported it. Apparently, the PR office of Bush, controlled by my squeaking little piglet Karl Rove, tried to cover it up. After a local news filter reported the truth, they had to report on it with their own spin. Way to go, Karl. You've made my weekly Bush all-star list. Right after Dick, of course.

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