Saturday, February 25, 2006

Trends in Stupidity

If you think the whole Muslim/Islam/Mohammed cartoon/comic craze is ridiculous, look no further than the USA for a censored education (although the United Arab Emirates or UAE do a fine job too). On the Dilbert Blog, Scott Adams (the comic's author) writes
  1. H
  2. E
  3. L
  4. L
as "h-e-double-toothpicks". In today's Get Fuzzy, the author writes it as "#€%%"

Apparently, the latest "child safe" software is out to satisfy even the dumbest parents. I'm talking about your gosh, darn Lutheran parents, too, not just the Southern Baptist variety with moms named Tammy.

This is a word that anybody can find in a standard dictionary in a library. It also gets used in 54 separate verses within the holy book of Christ licking souls everywhere.

Has anybody thought for even a half second what would happen if an artist redrew the Abu Ghraib torture photos with Jesus as the cigarette smoking soldier smiling for the camera over far less than fully clothed bodies? Then, rather than being released on some obscure Web site or tiny, punk newspaper, got printed on the op/ed pages of every capitol city's paper in America?

Granted, the thought leaves me smiling. But I'm just a shill for our Lord Bush.

Obviously, the real problem here is liberals. All those liberal Muslims against free expression. As Dick Cheney would say:
"Go Faith Under Christ Kids yourselves."

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