Sunday, February 05, 2006

Update on America's Blessings

This blog is dedicated to the loving memory of grandpa Munster.
Recent news about Americans of traditional, moral values and those allies that support our war on terrorism and provide needed oil, like the Muslims of Saudi Arabia. More importantly, they watch the Super Bowl and actually take the ads as seriously as cartoons about Mohammed.
  • 1,000 Egyptian workers drown. They were on their way home from Saudi Arabia on an old ferry through the kindness of a free-market, unregulated corporation. Roughly 1,000 dead, 400 injured.
  • 88 die in Phillipines at a TV show lottery stampede. Nothing like death by being squashed. Lotter stakes were an amazing $250. Wow. Glad to see the global competition of shoe manufacturing for athletes in big football games is rewarding hard work.
  • 4th grade class pen-pal soldier dies in Iraq. A native of the Bible Belt, this Tennessee 1st Lt. enjoyed death by road-side bomb. "A 23-year-old soldier born in Lincoln [Nebraska] who dreamed of helping war orphans....", his parents said.
  • And the finisher: Grandpa Munster Dies! Please, god, oh holy jesus, say it isn't so.

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