Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Worst of 2008

A lot of bad things happened in 2008. Time failed in its claim to have the top 10 of everything by excluding the most horrible. One could only hope that Obama's inauguration speech was only 2 words: "My bad." Now that it's officially over and we have a month of perspective, I've tried to reduce it to the top 10 most horrible things that happened in 2008. I might add more, because I think all kinds of secrets about liberal atrocities will be released to the public once Bush & Cheney are freed from the restrictions of the White House.
  • We didn't use the surge to invade Iran.
  • President Bush was not elected to a 3rd term.
  • Vice President Cheney did not run for President.
  • They didn't turn The Colbert Report into an hourly report and fire Jon Stewart.
  • McCain was refused the right to find and kill Osama bin Laden.
  • Sarah Palin was ignored by the liberal media.
  • Rachel Maddow was allowed on TV.
  • Courts refused Vice President Cheney the right to destroy secret documents.
  • Franken won.
  • Obama won.
There is a holy light in the sky, however. Israel is taking advantage of Bush-Cheney's plan to liberate the world to bomb Gaza and the UN into freedom. This clearly shows the great offensive capabilities of freedom to score on the terrorists. Enjoy the explosions while you can. We're going to be stuck with another tree-hugging liberal who won't let us so much as enjoy even a deep sea offshore oil eruption.