Sunday, April 02, 2006

Why isn't Dick President yet?

Why is Bush still president? He keeps making Michael Moore look like a genius. Moore had an entire part of his Fahrenheit film dedicated to Bush having cozy relations with questionable Arabs. What does Bush do a year after the film? He attempts to sell our ports to an Arab country that financed the 9/11 terrorists and provided a safe-haven for Osama bin-Laden. Impeach him already.

All Vice President Cheney did was commit an act of treason by putting a CIA operative's life in danger. At least he knows how to keep people in line. He obviously knows how to make a company profitable without selling off its assets. Look how well Halliburton is doing.

What does Bush do? He tries to spy on everybody in America, starts wars he doesn't finish, and then starts new ones he can't finish.

When there's an emergency like Katrina, he's on vacation. When there's torture, he can't decide whether to deny it, blame it on somebody else, blame it on news reporting, or claim he had the right to do it all along.

We deserve better than this. We deserve impeachment. We deserve Dick.

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