Sunday, April 23, 2006

Impeach Bush - Give Dick a chance!

Awww, cute, little Georgie boy isn't going to get his war in Iran. Nuclear intelligence just doesn't seem to agree with Bush. His cute little cheer leader Michelle Malkin will be very sad. He'll have to stomp up and down and demand TV time to "take it to the people". The people certainly know how to take it.

This brings up the highly important question of why isn't Dick president? Am I not praying hard enough? Bush has less going on between his ears than a radioactive waste site. Vice President Cheney, besides being hotter than the Duke lacrosse team, has proven his ability to handle financial interests of his own and at Halliburton.

When do the impeachment hearings begin? Football doesn't start for another 5 months and baseball is boring and filled with all those negro-South-American half-breed freedom-haters from little Spanish islands sneaking into our country.


K said...

Your very creative.

For a shot of Pro-Bush.

Anonymous said...

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