Thursday, April 20, 2006

Comic Book Upgrade

It used to be that comic book producers could make a profit on regular cross and flag logo placement. Propaganda marketing from church and state "funding" combined with some cheap advertising for various quackery made life good.

Terrorists and republicans are winning, however. With all the easy flag waving going on, demand is down sharply for flag waving superheroes. It's hard to compete with a stud Texan war-president like George W. Bush and his sidekicks Dick 'The Hunter" Cheney and Donald "The Torturer" Rumsfeld.

Ad-guy to the rescue! Now comic books are providing product placement just like TV and movies. Cigarette-man is just a smoke away while Cola-woman keeps things cool. I learned this from one of my favorite sites for all things shill, They reported on a Wall Street Journal article that, of course, wrote about it in glowing terms because it will help comic book stock. Comic book corporations have an elusive target market in brain-dead 20-something "men" along with the pre-geek kids.

Wake me up when
Condomman and Pillgirl have a Saturday morning cartoon.

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