Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dick is Watching
Cheney knows what you do alone in the dark. He'll be gone by Monday, so look now.

And speaking of spying extremists ... if you're looking for some interactive fun, head over to Wikipedia's entry on Abortion. Only need to make up a username and password to sign-up. In return, you get to edit any entries you like, your own user page, and a chat page.

Update: I should have used more lubricant. Please don't follow any of the suggestions. Instead, I still encourage you to contribute, but do it in a way that will make the article more useful and informative for the people that read it.
Update 2: And I mean that in every possible sense. I think I've found something far more entertaining. Makes one wonder why a supposedly uncensored encylopedia like Wikipedia doesn't have an entry for this.
Update 3: An amusing and satiric FAQ on Wikipedia by Wired. Fortunately, I didn't write it so I can't be blocked for it. Let's just say that, while not literally true, it is accurate enough that it's worth reading and keeping in mind if you decide you're going to use Wiki in any way.

They are having a fit over me in their little chat area. I am Pro-Lick, BTW. They didn’t like my other name. Apparently in their quest to put their enemy to death, they’ve been accusing other users of being me and banning them.

Make the definition beautiful. You'll get plenty of funny messages in return. There are some real-life religious fanatics trying hard to control the content, and any changes that don't include "death" drive them into a frenzy.

Some suggestions:
  • Abortion liberates the uterus.
  • Abortion is like a shower for the uterus.
  • Abortion cleanses the uterus of bio-contaminants.
  • Abortion is fertilization for flowers.
  • Abortion frees the uterus of extremist elements.
  • Abortion liberates the female from imposed pregnancy.
  • Abortion liberates the female from a pregnant dictatorship.
I’ll stop by tonight some time and contribute. Enjoy yourselves and don’t take them seriously. Don’t respond (unless you want to prod them a bit further). Like the supreme court, none of them actually listen. You get 3 changes per 24 hours on any article, so you can switch your changes back twice if someone undoes them. Then you can move on to the pro-life entry and make changes on it, and so on. Narf.

Update: Wikipedia actually blocked me from use for this blog. They continue to let the religious fundamentalists and Bush lovers rule. The result is a poorly written mess that hides the most significant facts, like reading a White House press release when they are trying to hide something. If you need a free encylopedia, try Probert instead. Or, of course, Google. Here's another opinion on Wikipedia to consider.

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