Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cold Metal Between the Cheeks

Yet another PR stunt and lie gone bad on the Bush war on terrorism. A Pat Tillman criminal probe to begin.

Tillman’s mother “told the Washington Post Saturday that the criminal investigation should have been launched at the onset. "The military has had every opportunity to do the right thing and they haven't," she said. "They knew all along that something was seriously wrong and they just wanted to cover it up."

The odd thing is that soldiers die fairly often from friendly fire, so how/why would the Army know immediately that something was wrong? Could it be because Tillman was not actually deployed in a unit actually active in the war? Hmmmm.

I'm not suggesting that the best way for the soldiers to bring Pat out of the shill closet was to squeeze some hot metal into his flesh. They could have invited and lead an independent reporting team to their location to film Tillman's uselessness.

OTOH, these guys are not hired for their intelligence. They get hired for their field skills. The ability to accurately shoot a gun, for example. Instead,
apparently, they were being used to protect Pat's bottom.

As a shill, I want to personally thank Pat for serving as a military shill. He did his job and helped sell the war on terror.

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