Thursday, March 09, 2006

Soothing Abortion Lotion

I don't really understand all this pro-abortion outrage. It's not like the common people have anything important to be concerned about. Us shills and our masters are still able to access high priced doctors and drugs in other countries if our cousin or pastor accidentally impregnates us. Or worse, if some Black or Mexican rapes us. As great Americans, it is their right to move freely abroad. Just be pro-life and don't hate babies.

As for the Internet training manual, it's not like the masses are smart enough to read and understand it. Certainly not the people that live in South Dakota. It's really only useful for those of us with important lives and the innocence of our wives to protect.

If you know of any good, freely available abortion training videos, please leave a comment or email me.

Out of curiosity, I did a search with Google for any actual educational or training videos existed. If the daughters or personal friends of President Bush or Vice President Cheney need my help, I want to be there for them. After all, it is not something that you want the person performing it to have only read about.

I didn't expect anything but bias and propaganda on the Web, but what surprised me is that even on the P2P networks, nearly everything is anti-abortion (what my friend Sam Alito likes to call pro-life).

What's amazing is the lack of any quality, honest videos. There are, of course, plenty available for a fee or via library if you're a student. Medical student and doctor education is a huge market. Some of the anti-abortion videos unintentionally have some minimal use for training. Most indecent films are actually better because the same hole involved is displayed in great detail.

The closest thing I've found to a training film is a Japanese video called
Artificial Abortion.rm. Somebody who knows Japanese will have to let me know, but even it seems to be generally against abortion. The key difference is that it goes into great detail, which is what we need.

You'll need eMule installed for the link to work.


Dick Cheney's Shill at Halliburton said...

Before I posted this, there were about 20 requests on eMule for this video. There are now 78 requests.

The only way to verify this at the moment is to have eMule. At least until Razorback2 is back.

I wouldn't take all the credit, except that as a representative of Halliburton and Vice President Dick Cheney, it officially happened while someone that works with me is in the whitehouse. Therefore, I deserve the credit.

Dick Cheney's Shill at Halliburton said...

Up to 108 requests and growing. As much as I enjoy shilling Dick, I find shilling myself almost as warm as a rectal thermometer.

Dick Cheney's Shill at Halliburton said...

Now at 176. Even more requests for the same video with poorer quality but a smaller file size.

I'm also trying to advance the level of knowledge on Wikipedia, which has its own abortion section, but no instructions or videos.

Dick Cheney's Shill at Halliburton said...

Last weekend, got up to 207 with as many as 28 complete sources sharing it (more complete sources, the faster it downloads).