Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wikipedia Acquired by Fox News

And it's about time. It finally allowed us to correct all those disparaging personal attacks on Halliburton and Vice President Cheney (Update: this has improved after I made some entries, though still more like reading a White House press release than objective history. I've all become the target of extremists trying to force their opinion by trying to block and delete me from Wikipedia).

Update: The new Wikipedia page of Halliburton Shill.
Update 3: I'm happy to report that Wikipedia does not allow politically slanted names. Not so happy that it was mine. I have since changed user names and my username is now Pro-Lick (it rhymes with Dick).

Now, instead of those liberal news filters, we only quote fair & balanced sources, like the Washington Times and the Bush/Cheney Campaign (i.e., my buddy Karl Rove).

It's not quite right yet. If a reader is a little too smart, they might notice that it still admits that Dick still has a huge financial interest via his stock options in Halliburton. After Dick publicly claimed he didn't on TV, it would be best if we just not mention that at all.

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Dick Cheney's Shill at Halliburton said...

It's getting worse. All out censorship. They are actually trying to ban and delete me simply because they don't like my username.

It doesn't help that I pissed off some anti-abortionists (aka, religious extremists).

If you are on Wike, you can add your vote to keep shill alive by adding an entry on this page with the word keep.