Tuesday, February 05, 2008

STOP! Do Not Vote!

Relax. Leave "Super Tuesday" and caucus voting to the experts. After all, they gave us George W. Bush. There's still plenty of Super Bowl highlights to watch again and to talk about with real smart people on sports radio now.

Not to mention all the quality TV available to watch now that the writers are on strike. You can even enjoy FOX News accurate and quality updates on celebrity news and Super Tuesday while they inform you about all the failings for the Democrats that they heard about from some people they know.

Most important, don't vote twice. Even though, technically, you can go to both the Democrat and Republican caucus polling places and legally vote for a Democratic and Republican candidate at each, only experts really understand how to do this. Non-experts frequently suffer brain sprains. Which is why TV and talk radio are the best options of safe and secure real Americans.

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