Monday, January 16, 2006

Impeachment Watch

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Correct, I'm not watching my Blogspot censorship from Google and Blogger's Karl Rove approved SafeSearch engine. I'm sure that's to blame on mistakes of beta engines. Check out Technorati for complete, uncensored blog search results.

I'm watching the slow, steady march toward the impeachment of President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and everyone put into office by their mob-like, crony system of unaccountable idiots that have no recollection.

I'm sure some of you we'll claim that it's not their fault. Bush & Cheney are not to blame for their subordinates poor intelligence. Who's poor intelligence put those people in office? Who hired them?

Which is it?
  • Bush & Cheney are too incompetent to hire.
  • They are stupid, and receiving poor intelligence from other people they trust and use to "filter" their information.
  • They know what they are doing, intentionally abusing their power in office, and are in fact the ones responsible, accountable, and to blame for all the impeachable offenses their oval office have committed?
Cry me an Alito. Take your time. You may select more than 1. They are not mutually exclusive. You have a whole week before you have the weekend and football playoff game distractions to blame for your inability to recall any of the events of this article.

Footnote: Yes, I'm probably just another liberal media person trying to liberate the troops from mutilation, death, and torture. I just don't know how to support the troops. My "culture of life" is interfering with my ability to see the troops as war machines, not people. I'm just a patriot that thinks presidents and Supreme Court judges need to read the constitution and support CIA troops.

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