Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gonna Use My Fingers

Did you know that the peak amplitude in the Pretenders "Brass in Pocket" comes at the point where Ms. Hynde sings "fingers"?

Not to suggest that you actually buy the song or album. It's owned by Warner Bros., a very big member of the RIAA. Of the people who created the song, 2 are dead. In other words, the artists are going to see little if any money as a result. The bloated corporation that owns it is going to use most of it to pay bloated executives to sue kids that, in effect, serve as the Internet's radio. Why? They don't play what the corporations' want when they want. Nor do they play commercials for more of the bloated corporations or its RIAA partners' digestive waste.

If you like Hynde's voice and would to like to hear more like it, I recommend an indie like Madam Datum. The lead singer sounds like an impressionistic version of Hynde.

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