Friday, July 21, 2006

Hot Puzzle Action

This was not taken from a school book. This will not appear in a school book. Solving this will not turn you into a dork that stays inside all summer reading or programming your computer to do stupid things like share movies and music.

Instead, you will continue to go to the theater and pay full price to listen to cell phones ring, babies cry, teen girls talk about the boys they really like, and people munch on food like they're in a bar with their fat buddies watching a game on big screen TV. As a bonus, you will overpay for genetically modified food that will make you fat, give you zits, and probably cause you or your baby to develop some deformity that an industry will be sued for 20 years from now.

A simple problem so not too many of your brain cells die while all you kiddies do nothing during the hot summer. I know, some weird people live south of the equator, so it's a relatively warm, slushy winter.

The puzzle: You are with a person of the gender you prefer. Neither of you have any genetic deformities nor have had any of your limbs blown off in a war. If you are squeezing a nipple and the other person is squeezing a nipple, how many hands are left to attend to parts below the belly button?

Those that post the correct answer will get a link to a video of President Bush being given the middle finger by a little girl.

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Dick Cheney's Shill at Halliburton said...

I'm not deleting the comments. No one has even submitted an answer to this, obviously, excruciatingly challenging problem.