Monday, October 09, 2006

Senator George Allen is a Shill too

Let's take a moment to welcome Senator Allen of Virginia to the shill world.

He still has to work on some of his shill skills. The best shills get paid up front or under the table instead of in options. Granted, in options, the better job you do shilling, the more money you make. It's also still difficult legally to call it a bribe. It takes advantage of general ignorance of stock options. It worked for Cheney.

You can read about it in:
Fox News, the Washington Times, and other Republican PR tools are doing their best to keep it quiet and the news focused on other distractions, like Foley. Good job!

He's been promoting corporations he worked for to the military and for other government contracts for the last five years. Like the great Dick Cheney, he accepted options as payment. He'll also probably end up having to "donate" the money to his favorite "charities". Charities pay too. Great way to lock in a job if your political career stalls.

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