Monday, September 11, 2006

America Remembers 5.0

Or Never Forget 5.0.

Or as a film, America Remembers 5 - The Zombies Return.

Either way, you'll enjoy this more than listening to President Bush and Republican politicians trying to cash in on terrorism and sadness again. Much, much, much more than listening to yet another coworker's story about what he/she/it was doing on 9/11.

Funny, shocking, and you won't cry unless you think about taxes or gas.

If you find it too small, this is the large screen version. Just use the above link if you want to check out more of his flash animations (complete with sound effects, so office workers adjust your volume).

It includes all our fearless leaders: Vice President Cheney, Iraq War Secretary Rumsfeld, and even the very hot Condi Rice. But for some reason Halliburton is left out. I guarantee you that Halliburton would have a high-rise oil well built on the World Trade Center ground by the end of the month. Just sign the contract.

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