Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman Hacks Own Site for Free Publicity

And the media jump in eager to help and report Web site "hacking". Despite being a "liberal media". A great analysis of Lieberman's ploy.

Rather odd that someone that supported wiretapping and all Bush's pretend security "measures" can't even protect his own Internet site. Lieberman doesn't actually need it because he already has a U.S. taxpayer paid site:

The reality is Lieberman is way behind Ned Lamont. He desperately wants any sympathy he can get and, of course, the typical political attack of trying to make your opponent look like a crook. Lieberman's the one with a huge collection of corporate contributions supporting his campaign. A liar, a crook, and another reason for ridiculously high oil and gas prices.

If you're in Connecticut, vote in the primary. Now. It's today. If he were a Cheney shill instead of a Bush shill, I might support him. After all, he's a Jew, and everybody knows all Jews are shills.

As it is, yet another reason not to trust Lieberman and to vote for Lamont. Copy and paste Joe2006.com into your browser to see the site.

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