Monday, May 28, 2007

Trust Wikipedians to Remember the Heroes

Today, I read about the importance of morale versus experience or expertise on the Wikipedia internal mailing list.

It was a memorial that nobody wants a historian that's spent 20 years studying history and archeaology digs, or a doctor that's spent 6 years studying chemistry and biology and 4 in practice. We'd much prefer a kid tell us what 4 out of 5 unnamed dentists recommend on a commercial site for a large corporation selling pharmaceuticals and spending money on motivational speakers to keep employee morale high.

As Stephen Colbert said in an interview with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales:
"What I love about it is that it brings democracy to information. For too long, the elites that study things got to say what is or isn't real." - The Colbert Report, 2007.05.24

That's why it's far better to keep guys like Wolfie happy and doing a heckuva job than like cut-and-run Japanese government officials hanging themselves over a little $236,000 bookkeeping "fraud". Just ask Paul Wolfowitz. He'll tell you the $400,000 he received to step down as the World Bank president kept his morale and terrorist fighting productivity high.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Halliburton featured in Doonesbury

Unleash the EnergyFinally, this Garry Trudeau guy of Doonesbury is coming around. Halliburton just doesn't receive enough recognition for it's support of the troops. The Sunday Doonesbury from May 13 features Halliburton's excellent food service, keeping the troops sharp.

Movie of the year Update

Alberto Gonzales
I changed my mind, and my nose. Perfume - Story of a Murderer was easily the best film of at least the last 2 years, not just 2006. How the Academy can ignore a film that features the fine art of sniffing is beyond me.